Hello Monster
Hello Monster was a mini Instagram project focused on my cel animation skill. I wanted to create movement to my monster that was lacking with character rigging in After Effects. 
Project Type
Personal Project
Tools Used
Pencil, After Effects CC, Illustrator CC, & Animate CC 
2D Animator, Designer, & Illustrator
Time Length
The issues I came across was figuring out how many in-betweens were necessary for a fluid animation, and how to breakdown an action like cartwheeling into key poses to animate for my character.
I took the same approach as the my previous donut project and watch reference videos of people cartwheeling so I can catch the key poses necessary to animate my character. To create a forward view run, I borrow the reference from Richard Williams' The Animator’s Survival Kit. The animations were drawn in Animate CC, character poses were built in Illustrator CC, and the video was composited in After Effects CC. 
2D Animation                Charlie Bushaw
Design                            Charlie Bushaw
Illustration                      Charlie Bushaw
Sound Design                Charlie Bushaw

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