Grow With Us
The Grow With Us explainer video is an in-house project I animated while working at 3SIXTY MARKETING. The video was part of a branding series showcasing the agency's services and charitable passions.
Project Type
Explainer Video for 3SIXTY MARKETING
Tools Used
After Effects CC and Illustrator CC
2D Animator
Time Length
The original art design and direction for this campaign was finalized for a infographic flyer. Later down the line, the agency decided they wanted to include an explainer video. The problem, I came across, was how to consistently animate a story that was originated for print.
The common thread that adapted well to animation was the orange dual lines used as a directional tool. After creating rough storyboards for the Creative Director to approve, I moved on to reconstructing the assets in Illustrator to be transferrable to After Effects. Constructed in After Effects, I used the line paths to direct the viewers’ eyes across the screen to reveal the project’s messaging. The illustrations were originally built in Illustrator, so I was able to rig the graphics in After Effects. 
2D Animation              Charlie Bushaw
Design                          Michael Daw
Illustration                    Michael Daw
Music                            Motion Array

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