Donut Flash Dance
Donut Flash Dance was a mini Instagram project building my skills in character design, character rigging, and timing.
Project Type
Personal Project
Tools Used
Pencil, After Effects CC, Illustrator CC, & Duik Bassel
2D Animator, Designer, and Illustrator
Time Length
The problem that arose was configuring a design concept, animation’s timing and pacing, and using operating Duik Bassel. 
I am always looking for a way to bring fun and playfulness into my work, and I’m not going to lie, but I had a craving for donuts. These thoughts lead to wanting to take a scene from the movie Flash Dance, and recreate for a donut character showered with sprinkles. I felt that by timing the scene would strength my knowledge and understanding for timing and pacing. After reviewing the chair scene and notating the characters movement correlating with the number of keyframes per movement, I sketched out a rough storyboard. My next step was to create a sexy donut, so I created a mood board of inspiration. The character was built in Illustrator, and rigged by Duik Bassel. 
2D Animation          Charlie Bushaw
Design                      Charlie Bushaw
Illustration                Charlie Bushaw
Sound Design          Charlie Bushaw

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