Nostril Cork
Nostril Cork was my final school project in After Effects Kickstarter. It was 30-second promotional video for a fictitious nose plug company creating a need in their market.
Project Type
School Project
Tools Used
After Effects CC 
2D Animator
Time Length
The assignment provided the audio and digital artwork required for animation. Since this was my first explainer video, I found it difficult to organize my thoughts on how to tackle a strategy of how every element was going to animate.
I decided to break up the animations per artwork. My first step was to plan how each object in the scene would animate. The last stop was how to transition into the next scene. By planning out the transitions and scene before I began animating, I was able to speed through the project and now be bogged down my what to do next. The only scene I regret was my transition at the end of scene three with the spiraling out. Looking back, the transition did not add the story as well as my other transitions. It would have been better if I used an element with in the scene to carry on the next.
School of Motion
2D Animation        Charlie Bushaw
Design                    Ariel Costa
Sound Design        Joey Korean​​​​​​​

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