Keyframe Killa
Keyframe Killa was a fun school project focused on kinetic typography. The assignment required a typographic animation synchronized to the song provided. 
Project Type
School Project
Tools Used
After Effects CC 
Designer & 2D Animator
Time Length
The project provided no creative guides lines. A problem arose to what to create and how to animated the lyrics that were visually stimulating and captivating. 
I began the project searching for inspiration. The soundtrack paid homage to 90s rap music. I created a mood board highlighting the feel of 90s rap CD covers. The next step to figuring out the animation was breaking down the lyrics per scene. The video was completing designed and animated in After Effects.
School of Motion
2D Animation        Charlie Bushaw
Design                    Charlie Bushaw
Lyrics                      Joey Korean
Sound Design        Joey Korean​​​​​​​

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